Retreat Day 2: “I know you”

Hi all!

Welcome to the second day of our retreat.

Scripture of the Day

The scripture of the day is Matthew 7:22-27, where Jesus tells a story of a wise person who builds their house on a steady foundation. The wise person knows that for the house to be strong, the foundation needs to be strong too. To build without a solid foundation is dangerous because the storms will knock it down. To those who build on a solid foundation, Jesus gives the words of comfort, “I know you. You followed me, and you shared my love with people around you. No matter what storms arise, I know you and am with you.”

Like yesterday’s scripture, we can pray our scripture. We can pray, “Be with me through the storm.” No matter what arises, even a prayer as short as this can help us get through.

“Blip on the Screen” by Anne McKee

Ann has offered a poem for us to hear today, a sweet poem which reminds us how we are known. May it offer comfort to know that we are known both by each other and by God, no matter where we go.

The Lord’s My Shepherd

Kate and Kirsten have offered us a beautiful setting of Psalm 23, reminding us of how God keeps us always.

A Meditation

Here is a simple meditation you can use whenever you’d like

All-church Scavenger Hunt

Part of our retreat will be a scavenger hunt! Everyone is invited to participate, kids and adults alike. Over the next few days, take pictures of things on this list and share them with Andrew (details below). As you take pictures, make sure you social distance and wear your mask when you are around people. Send in all of the pictures this weekend (or at least by Pentecost, May 31). We’ll put the pictures together and share them!

  1. Something shiny
  2. A cool car
  3. A flower you really like
  4. A picture of St. Mary’s or another church building
  5. A reflection of your family in a mirror or water
  6. A bird
  7. Someone making a silly face
  8. A close picture of a leaf

Bonus: Picture of a Bible character. Maybe it’s of Mary or Moses or John the Baptist. How do you think they look? What do you think they would be doing?

How do you submit them? Email them to [email protected]. You don’t have to do all of them. Just have some fun taking pictures for everyone to enjoy!

I’m excited to hear about all the fun you have on the scavenger hunt. In the meantime, we continue this journey together. Until tomorrow!

In peace,

Andrew, Kirsten, and Ann