Home Altars

This year, one of the things we will be doing in Church School will be making a home altar, a special place to pray. We will be creating our altars this fall and then blessing them in November. As the seasons pass, we may change some things on the altars, changing fall items for winter items. Here are three videos to watch as you think about your home altar.
First, a story. This is part of the story of Abram and Sarai, the family that would become the Great Family.

Second, discover different kinds of altars. There are many kinds of altars in the world. Here you can see three different kinds of altars as you think about what you might want on your own home altar.

Third, here’s what you need to know as you begin to put together your home altar. You can either put it together as a family or the kids can put it together in Church School. Either way, we will all share stories of the things we may put on our altars.

How do you make a home altar?
  1. Find a place that can be special.
  2. You might like to put an altar cloth on it, but you don’t have to.
  3. Choose some objects or pictures to put on the altar. You can use candles, pictures of saints or loved ones, plants, or anything else that helps you feel close to God.
As you put things on your altar, you may find more things you’d like to add. That’s great! Altars can change often! I like to change my altar seasonally, but you can change it more or less than that.
What can I put on my a home altar? Check out this video, where you can see Andrew, Pastor Ann, and her daughters setting up their home altar!

Everyone can make altars! Whether or not you currently have kids in Church School, you are invited to make a home altar, bless it, and change it throughout the year. I am excited to see the many kinds of altars that we create!