COVID-19 and Spanish Flu

True or False: Last Sunday, March 15,2020 was the first Sunday St. Mary’s did not have in-person worship in its 200+ years of history.

False! From our archives, so lovingly tended by Lynn and Bev, we can see that St. Mary’s closed for about four weeks in response what is commonly referred to as the Spanish flu. The service register (*in link below) shows a morning prayer service on Sunday, September 23, 1918 then nothing until Sunday, October 27, 1918. The note reads, “Epidemic of influenza. All churches in greater (?) Boston and Mass in general closed by the Board of Health.” More than 100 years later, we are proud to have taken steps, before any order or mandate was issued, to help “flatten the curve” in our community. We are also so grateful to have alternative ways to connect with one another in this day and age.