A Plaque in the Attic

In June 2018, one of our youth member’s Eagle Scout project was to organize and clean our attic. While clearing out old cardboard boxes, this plaque was discovered on a shelf hidden from view.

We researched and discovered that this plaque was dedicated to the parents – who were born in the middle 1800’s – of two brothers, Julius and Charles Schweinfurth. Both were architects of some repute – one in Cleveland and one in Boston. Buildings in the two cities still stand that were designed by them; including the Episcopal Cathedral in Cleveland. (The present Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts was sometime Dean of that Cathedral.)

The plaque was dedicated to the youth of the parish in the room that was set aside for their use. It brings pleasure to the members of this parish to rediscover this valuable artifact, that has so much to do with St. Mary’s, Boston and Cleveland.