Letter from Our Rector


[Note: The Reverend George Stevens has accepted the bishop’s appointment to become the Vicar of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. His last Sunday with us was May 18, 2018.]

“Since I arrived at St. Mary’s to be the Rector, I’ve been asking parishioners why they have chosen to be members here. The answers are extremely diverse. Some choose St. Mary’s for its top-notch music program. Others like the history and aesthetics of our 200-year-old church. Still others said they value the work of the church school and outreach. Some said they liked the casual yet respectful worship style. But mostly, the parishioners here reflected that they have chosen to be members here because of the people.

“The people of St. Mary’s are from many local communities and represent every stage of life. Some have been here their whole lives, others, like me, are just arriving. The people form an extended family, which always welcomes new members. It is a community that laughs easily and supports one another.

“St. Mary’s has many gifts, none richer than its members.

“If you are looking for a church to call home, I invite to join us on Sunday morning for worship or stop by the church office sometime for conversation.”

-The Reverend George Stevens